Chairman - The Martial Arts Trust
President - India Federation Pankration Athlima
Founder, Grand Master - Meijin-Ryu Karate-Do/Sudo Kan Martial Arts
Member - SKISA , South Africa
President - Karnataka State Sports Karate Association
President - Karnataka Pankration Athlima Association
President - UNIFIGHT Federation of India
Vice Chairman,Tech.Committe - International
Federation Of Pankration Athlima,Greece
Vice President - Karnataka Kalaripayattu Association
Executive Member - Federation International Amateur
Unifight - Russia
Vice President - Martial Arts Games Federation Of India
Founder / Director - World Budo Academy India
Trustee - Synergy Foundation India
Chairman - Technical Committee Asian Pankration Federation
Treasurer - Asian Pankration Federation


Kyoshi Praveen Ranka is a man that stands tall.
He belives in the traditional methods of martial arts,but is able to wield the ethos of this sport into contemporary life.

Born in Bangalore in 1961 in a business family,
he has been training in martial arts since the age 14 under the Budokai Karate School and achived Black Belt.
The first in the State of Karnataka. After this initial training,
to further hone his skills he tarined under the great pioneer of karate Late Dr.R.V.T.Mani and
other illustrious teachers of martial arts both national and international.
He Seems to embody the martial art principle that learning is an evaryday process and cannot be taken for granted.

Praveen Ranka more importantly has been working for the emancipation of Karate-Do by increasing
the visibility of the sport through his programmes of introducing the martial art - Karate- Do
into the curriculum of schools in Bangalore, also inviting international experts for demonstrations
and as acting faculty and also by organizing numerous state,national and international Champinships
and tournaments.

He has been working hard towards spreading the message that martial arts is not only about improving
of physical Skills and techniques but also that it addresses areas of self control,meditation and
concentration.These tools could enable a person to learn about his/her inner self.thus his teaching
is that karate-Do eventually becomes a way of life.