Kyoshi Praveen Ranka can be summed up in his own words that "he works more on the forming of character
Karate -Do seems his way of doing so. He also aims at having his own school with all the modern
equipment that will be a temple to teach each and every person the noble art of Karate-Do for a good Purpose.

Among other training programmes that Kyoshi Praveen Ranka conducts, he has a special training
programme for the police force of the state, he uses karate as a means of self-defense and also
holistic elements of it to assist them in their daily situations and anxieties. In these police workshops the
trainees are taught hand-to-hand combat, street survival techniques and unarmed combat, this is just one of
the many training programmes that he conducts in collaboration with the Governments of Karnataka.

These efforts of Kyoshi Praveen Ranka have not gone un-noticed with him being awarded the service Excellence Award for Sports
in February 2005 by the Rotary Central Bangalore. He has also learnt yoqa(Zen),thus combing indian teachings with their
Eastern Counterpat and therefore he seems to lead a very balance life.