Zen Appraoch

Praveen Ranka has been contemporizing Karate -Do,making people understand that it is a good means to defend onself.
He has been introductiong it to common public through various self defence camps,and these camps are well -
attended with students ranging from six to sixty. Depending on the group, he takes traditional methods and then teaches
to adapt them to everyday situations.For women, his foucus has been self-defence and these workshops help them to be
more confident and also teach them ways of using the weak spots in their attacker's body to overpower them.

Praveen Ranka has been promoting the art form as both a sport and a great way to keep in good health.
He also holds workshops for underprivileged and poor childern. These workshops are done as outeach programs
and are free for these children,thus benefitting them and inducing them an interest in the martial art of Karate-Do.

He belivies that martial arts is applicable to all age groups.For the elderly the workshops focous on awareness,
self-confidence,fitness,flexibility and also relaxation through Zen,a yogic approach to mental health and balance.